Week 32: We have a date!

I won’t bury the lead … Wee One will be born on the morning of Sept. 16.

So many people have asked if I’m excited. I actually feel more relief than anything. I’m relieved to finally have a date. I’m relieved that I finally got to have a conversation with my doctor.

The excitement will come.

In addition to my regular appointment yesterday, I also had my first non-stress test to measure the baby’s movements and my contractions (if any).

I know it’s not stressful physically, but the test caused me some initial anxiety. Wee One had been quiet all day. I got a few random kicks, but nothing consistent. When the nurse handed me the clicker and instructed me to press the button every time I felt him move I began to freak out inside.

What if he’s sleeping? What if I don’t feel him? What if he doesn’t move enough?

After all, he is the kid who slept through our last ultrasound – even with the tech punching on my stomach.

We were a few minutes into the test and he hadn’t moved substantially. The nurse and I were talking and I’m convinced it was like a street game for him. I could almost hear him yelling, “Game off!!”

As soon as she left the room, it was “Game on!!”

Crazy movements! I also watched his heart rate on the monitor and all increases in BPM coincided with his movements. Exactly what is supposed to happen. Yay!

I go back on Friday to have him monitored again … and I’ll continue to go every Tuesday and Friday up until his birth.

Won’t be long now. 🙂


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