Week 31: Finally some answers

Hello, dear readers!

I apologize for the lack of blogging around here, but I just haven’t felt up to it. I’ve been feeling like a Negative Nancy these last few weeks and didn’t want to spread those vibes around. Haha! It’s difficult to explain, but the emotional and relationship aspects of pregnancy haven’t gone as I thought – and that makes me sad. I figured Hubby and I would talk about names together, we’d spend time in the evenings “talking” to Wee One, we’d have fun picking out registry items, etc. Unfortunately, because he’s had to devote all of his time to home projects, it’s been everything but what I envisioned. And now, when we’re five weeks away from delivery, I feel stuck in limbo. As you can imagine, limbo and I aren’t friends. Along with all of that, work is insanely busy this time of year and my patience is wearing very thin.

So. Yeah. 😛

In other news, because of a work trip, I had my 31-week appointment today instead of Tuesday.

We had a sleeping baby this morning so our ultrasound pictures aren’t great, but here is a decent profile shot:

faceHe’s estimated to weigh 4lbs 9oz and his heart rate is holding steady in the 140s. He’s also measuring at the 64th percentile – and has followed the same growth curve. Essentially, he’s just above average which is perfect. My amniotic fluid levels are normal which indicates the placenta is working as it should right now.

Next week, I start visiting the clinic twice a week for non-stress tests. Yay!

Now, let’s talk about what I’m sure a lot of people are wondering … why he’ll be born at 36 weeks.

After my last post there was a lengthy discussion on my Facebook page about how I should handle Dr. GL’s absence at my appointments – and the lack of information about why he’d be delivered at 36 weeks.

The consensus was that I should call him; however, I knew that would be difficult to accomplish since he was only in the clinic on Tuesdays. I planned to send him a secure e-mail, but every time I sat down to write it my list of questions would grow. Additionally, this was really a conversation I’d prefer to have in person. Besides, getting answers at 32 weeks instead of 29 wasn’t going to change the outcome.

Also, I am as much to blame as the providers. I didn’t ask the proper questions and opted to use Dr. Google between appointments.

Today, though, I made sure to get answers from Donna and here is the gist:

Having a myomectomy puts me at risk for uterine rupture – much like women who have had previous cesarean sections. However, unlike typical c-sections these days, Dr. GL had to make a vertical incision in my uterus to remove the fibroids (as well as some uterine muscle). While ruptures are extremely rare, there is still a possibility of separation at the incision site – and it could be deadly to both of us.

She reiterated that they’d give me two steroid shots to stimulate maturation in Wee One’s lungs. I know that’s still not a guarantee, so I asked about guesstimates for a stay in NICU. Basically, it could go either way. She said plenty of mothers give birth at 36 weeks and their babies require zero time in NICU. At the same time, every pregnancy and baby is different. She also mentioned my chart shows the c-section to be scheduled for 36-37 weeks, so there is a possibility for a 36.5 week delivery (Fri, Sept. 19).

As much as I’d like to hit the 37-week mark, I’m not going to argue when it comes to safety. The last thing I want to do is risk both of our lives by being stubborn – especially since he’ll likely be perfectly healthy at 36 weeks (even if he does need some additional help upon arrival). Also, the beauty of having the same OB perform both surgeries is that Dr. GL knows what he did and where he cut the first time around.

Even though we don’t have an official date yet, I feel much more comfortable with the path we’ll be taking. T-minus 35 days!



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