Week 33: Progress!

It has been quite the week for our family.

(I really like using the word “family,” just FYI 🙂 )

Let me start this tremendously long post with a Wee One update.

We’ve had three non-stress tests and each one has been a different experience. The first was the easiest of them all. During the second he kept moving away from the fetal monitor so the test took longer than it should have. Afterward, though, Donna went over the print out with me and said everything looked wonderful.

Yesterday … oh, yesterday … was ridiculous. Being oh so clever, I decided to drink a glass of Hawaiian Punch about an hour before my appointment. I figured it would wake him up and he’d move around enough to hit the peaks they want in an optimal amount of time.

Boy did he wake up!

He moved SO much that the technician had trouble discerning his baseline heart rate. She finally had to get Dr. GL to look at the print out and decide if we needed to continue monitoring. Thankfully, he said everything was fine and she could turn the machine off.

Silly, silly baby!

Afterward, we talked about all of the confusion surrounding when I’d be admitted to the hospital.

Last Tuesday I was told they were starting a relatively new protocol with women delivering (induction or c-section) prior to the fetus being full-term.

Essentially, I’d be admitted 24 hours prior to surgery and be administered magnesium sulfate to help protect Wee One’s brain. It’s something that is traditionally used to stop pre-term labor but its use in this capacity, as I mentioned above, is relatively new.

Apparently, my insurance called to question why I was being admitted early and that led to a long discussion between physicians about whether it was necessary.

In the end, because medical research has yet to show that magnesium sulfate is beneficial for fetal brain protection past a certain point (32-34 weeks, I believe), the other high risk doctors (along with Donna) agreed I didn’t need to be admitted early. They ran it past Dr. GL and he absolutely agreed.

In fact, in the presence of another clinic staff member yesterday, he subtlety indicated he believed steroid injections would be enough no matter what. So that’s what will happen! And, after hearing that the magnesium hasn’t been proven to be beneficial, as well as reading about the potential side effects (hello, entire body itching!), I’m inclined to jump for joy.

As far as surgery goes, I was initially scheduled for 9 a.m. on Tues., Sept. 16, but Dr. GL has clinic on that day and thought I might get bumped to later in the morning. But then he offered the 7 a.m. spot. And, without even thinking about it, I said sure.

Anxious much? LOL!

We’ll see if the time can actually be switched. 😛


Toward the end of last week Hubby made significant progress on the floor in the nursery and hallway.


Over the weekend he painted all of the new (or existing) trim and baseboards, as well as the doors to the nursery, spare bathroom and chinchilla room.

Saturday evening I primed the IKEA spice racks we’ll be installing as book shelves. 🙂

Hubby spent Monday evening installing said trim and baseboards. I was SO excited when I walked into the nursery yesterday morning. I could finally see everything I’d visualized for months coming together.

When I came home from work last night the dresser had migrated from the living room to the nursery and hubby was opening the box for the glider. By the end of the evening the crib was together and placed; the mobile was hung from the ceiling; the glider was put together and moved to its proper corner, and the valances were washed, dried and ready to be ironed.

How about some pictures?  nursery5(Subfloor and primed walls)
nursery6(Widening the closet doorway)
nursery4(Installing the new floor)
nursery7(Painted walls, new floor, new closet door, new white baseboards and trim)
nursery2(Hubby putting the crib together)

Here is what the far wall looks like now:

nursery1Excuse the poor coloring. I obviously focused the camera on the mobile so it picked up the red in the elephants.

I must admit, I am in love with the floor. It works so well with everything else. I may suck at choosing paint colors, but by golly I can pick out flooring without seeing it in the room. Just glad Hubby agreed with me. 😉

To give you an idea, to the left outside the frame of the picture is the closet door and the wall where we’ll mount the book shelves. On the wall to the right, centered with the crib, will be two 8×10 framed prints (one horizontal, one vertical). Directly across from the chair and crib (and behind me) is the dresser. Above it will be a 24×48 pegboard with an 11×14 framed print, a 5×7 framed print, three wire baskets (small, medium and large), and a red initial letter (whenever Wee One gets a damn name).

Soooooo … YAY!!!

Getting here required us to travel a long, windy road often flooded by my tears of frustration; however, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, we still have A LOT of work to do over the next two weeks. But, we’ll get it done – especially since Hubby has finally learned to assign me tasks that my pregnant self is capable of doing.


Sunday was baby shower day!

Although it’s always nice to receive those necessities you need for baby, I was ecstatic just to be surrounded by my wonderful friends. My friend Christine, who I haven’t seen since my wedding, traveled three hours to be there. My friend Becky came into town for the weekend. All of my other friends took time out of their busy schedules to come as well.

That means more to me than anything else.

It’s difficult for me to admit, but most of the time I don’t let myself believe people care about me. Maybe on some level I don’t feel like I deserve it? Maybe it’s because I get so caught up in always doing for others? Maybe it’s a little of both.

As a consequence, I was completely overwhelmed with emotions on Sunday. With each hug, each conversation, each gift, I felt myself truly absorbing what was happening … having an internal dialogue where I told myself it’s okay to let people love me (because they obviously do).

It’s still a bit foreign to me, but hopefully it’s something I can learn to embrace – especially once Wee One arrives.

As for the party itself, it was great! The food was delicious; the cake was yummy; the decorations were perfect, and it was just the right length.

The party planners – Amberlee and Alicia – truly outdid themselves, especially given their EXTREMELY busy schedules. I’m not even sure if I’ll ever be able to thank them properly, but I’m certainly going to try.

hostesses(Amberlee, me, Alicia)

Here are some images of the decorations, cake, gifts, etc. No guest pictures as many of them contained children and I don’t know how their parents would feel about them being posted on a public blog. 😉

shower1(Guest book)



shower4(Cake and super adorable cake topper)

Anything that you might believe is handmade actually is. From the invitations to the clay elephant cake topper to the Nutter Butter and Oreo favors, Amberlee created everything. Crafting and being creative is her “happy spot.” It’s therapy for her, much like writing is for me. 🙂

This weekend Hubby and I will be traveling to my hometown for the family shower my parents are hosting. It’s sure to be a grand old time!