Week 28: Who needs sleep?

We’re finally in the home stretch … aka the third trimester.

And, holy crap, do I feel it.

Good, restful sleep is now an anomaly. When I do sleep, I sleep hard and always wake up with a sore hip from laying in one position for too long.

I would give anything to lay flat on my back right now. But, then I wouldn’t be able to breathe so I’ll suck up the hip pain.

Bending over is quickly becoming out of the question, so I’ve started to make sure I’m squatting as well.
Hubby told me last week that I “look like a sumo wrestler” but quickly revised his statement to include the word “sexy.”

I kinda wanted to punch him anyway. 😉

Instead of simply being swollen, my feet and ankles are now sore and achy as well at the end of the work day.

And, speaking of feet, I’ve really neglected mine during pregnancy. I looked at them Friday evening and couldn’t believe how gross they were. Last night I decided to give myself a pedicure and ended up with more polish on my skin than toenails because I just can’t maneuver like before.

Fun times. 😛

But, it’s not ALL bothersome or inconvenient.

I think being plus size prior to pregnancy gave me an advantage in the sleep department. The changes in my abdominal region were so slight those first six months that I wasn’t uncomfortable while sleeping. I’ve made it this long without having to buy special (and expensive) pillows and hopefully I can keep it that way.

Also, right now the swelling is confined to my feet and ankles. I am still wearing my wedding rings – and they even slip on and off with ease. It’s not often you hear that!

With the ever-growing belly (and baby!) comes much more pronounced movements. Hubby has been waiting patiently to feel Wee One move and it finally paid off this weekend. Early Saturday evening I sat on the couch and stared at my belly. Haha! Before too long I noticed slight movements under the surface followed by harder punches (I think). It cracked me up each time my stomach “moved” because I wondered what was going on in there.

After he saw what was happening, Hubby placed his hand on my stomach in that area and wiggled it just a bit.

He was rewarded with a swift punch or kick almost immediately – and it made my heart swell! ❤


I’m pretty sure I’ve reached some sort of nesting phase. Since it’s still a bit early, I think, I’m sure I’ll go through another one closer to Wee One’s arrival.

If you recall, the previous owner of our home was a smoker. Unfortunately, when we initially saw the house it had obviously been aired out and we didn’t detect the gross odor. As someone who is particularly sensitive to odors (pets, smoke, mildew, etc.), I almost fell over when we walked in (five months later) on the day of closing.

In hindsight, because we were on such a tight timeline, we didn’t do the proper research on how to remove the stench. We washed walls; we used Killz primer; we painted in the most critical rooms (living room, kitchen, master bedroom), and we took down the offending (and odor-trapping) wood wall.

But every time I opened the front door I still caught a whiff of something yucky.

For months I chalked it up to the house not smelling “like us” yet. That will change in time, I’d tell myself.

Then I went to visit a friend and my entire perspective changed.

I put on my pajamas (which I didn’t have time to wash before packing) and I smelled it … smoke. So I smelled my pillow and blanket. Same result.

Oh.my.gosh! This is disgusting.

I was embarrassed, so I asked my friend for some Febreeze.

I knew then something HAD to be done before Wee One arrived.

So what did I do?

I researched cleaning solutions and purchased OdoBan from Home Depot. Knowing the walls were likely fine, I spent Saturday literally scrubbing every inch of woodwork in our bedroom. Afterward, I sprinkled the carpet with a deodorizer and then vacuumed it up.

The difference is astounding!

Last night Hubby scrubbed the walls in the nursery and removed any of the woodwork (baseboards, window trim, etc.) we planned on replacing. When I left for work this morning he was in the process of priming the walls. Which, of course, means they’ll be a beautiful grey by the end of the week!



I hate ending things on a sour note, but that’s how it worked this time.

Hubby and I are in a standoff when it comes to day care.

While it’s true Wee One has a spot in a brand new learning center, it comes with a price tag of about $1,300.

Essentially, Hubby refused to agree to pay it and asked for other options.

I’ve tried to explain to him multiple times that I’ve exhausted all potential options (and my checkbook) in the area where I work. This is it. For whatever reason, it’s not something that has stuck with him.

And then he asked what I was hoping he wouldn’t … What about the learning center that just opened near our home?

Given our schedules (I work during the day; Hubby works at night and sleeps during the day), I ruled this place out. It’s 25 minutes (on a good day) from my office and any healthcare provide Wee One would need to see. If something happened during the day I’d feel much more comfortable knowing I can get to him in less than five.

However, my other half also raised a valid point: He’ll be much more in tune to his phone once the baby arrives and he can be there in five minutes if need be.

Knowing we wouldn’t be able to come to an agreement otherwise, I called the facility. Financially speaking, this place is $20 less a week and only requires a payment of $340 to reserve a spot. They also don’t have an infant waiting list.

While the deciding factor will be our site visit, I have some initial concerns.

First, the director’s reply to my waiting list question left me wondering how many infants were currently enrolled. The tone and inflection in her voice certainly gave me pause and something to address when we meet in person. One reason I’m so adamant about him going to day care is for the social interaction with kids his age … yes, even as an infant. If he won’t get that at this facility I’m going to have a very difficult time agreeing to send him there.

Second, the facility is located in a “drive-by” or “commuter” town. There really isn’t a workforce; people reside here to get away from the high cost of property and homes in the “city,” but they still commute to work (like me). Naturally, this makes me wonder about stability for the business.

As you can see, I’m very good at coming up with “what if” scenarios. So good that it’s often difficult for me to tell which thoughts/concerns are actually valid and which are an indication of me being unwilling to compromise.

I guess only time will tell.


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