Week 27: September Baby

Howdy, howdy!

I had my final monthly (!!) OB appointment today. I still can’t believe next Tuesday will mark the beginning of the third trimester. Let’s see how many times I can type this … Where has the time gone? Here are the highlights from the appointment:

  • Wee One’s heart rate is holding steady at 147 BPM
  • He’s estimated to weigh 2lbs 13ozs
  • All of his measurements are in proportion
  • He’s likely going to be a September baby
  • I passed my glucose test
  • My blood pressure was fine and my urine protein free

It was an epic appointment to say the least. First and foremost, the ultrasound tech let us see Wee One’s face in 4-D. Here’s the best one: 4d

How adorable is he?? He’s so loveable and squishy already. I can’t stop looking at him. ❤

Right now he is breech, but that’s okay. His position also explains why I’ve been feeling a lot of activity in the lower part of my stomach … it’s where his feet are!

The tech was finally able to see and measure everything she needed – and all of his measurements are in proportion. My amniotic fluid levels are also perfect. He’s still measuring a little over one week ahead, but that’s been the case all along so I wasn’t surprised.

After last month’s ultrasound, you may recall that I was concerned about gestational diabetes. At the time, Wee One’s abdomen was out of proportion. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized there was likely no reason to be alarmed. I bet a lot of babies have something out of proportion at one point or another, but no one realizes because the mothers aren’t having ultrasounds every month like me.

Even though I put his measurements out of my mind, I was still concerned about my glucose test. I joked all weekend about how this food or that food might be my last for the next few months.

But, I passed with flying colors!


The next concern was preeclampsia, but so far so good. My blood pressure is fine and there was no trace of protein in my urine. Let’s hope it stays that way!

Now, let’s talk about his birthday …

I asked Donna the big question today … When can we schedule his delivery?

She said they like to schedule them for 36 or 37 weeks. That would be the week of Sept. 15 or Sept. 22.

Of course, I immediately asked what kind of risk we run delivering at the 36-week mark. Essentially, Wee One could have some breathing issues, but they’ll likely do steroid injections several days prior to delivery to help strengthen his lungs, bowels and such.

However, it never occurred to me to ask WHY they schedule c-sections so early. Is that standard procedure for high risk pregnancies? If I’m not having any complications, can we wait a bit?

I’ll make sure to ask Dr. GL all of these pressing questions in two weeks.

If delivering closer to 40 weeks isn’t an option, I’m definitely going to push for waiting until 37 weeks. I just want him to have as much time in the womb as possible.

About him being a September baby …

Let’s assume he’s born at 37 weeks. That means we’re 10 weeks away from his arrival.

Holy crap!

We have SO MUCH to do in those 10 weeks. Do you know what my schedule looks like for the month of August?

busy-calendarI have now officially entered panic mode. Eeek!! I’m going to need more newborn clothes, I think. They’ll also have to be fairly lightweight, I think. I need to wash everything. I need to purge some more things to make room.

What I really need is to take things one step at a time or I’ll get overwhelmed. Tonight’s step will be to order clothes containers, picture frames and the dresser. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Week 27: September Baby

  1. Christine says:

    Having had a 36-weeker that wasn’t scheduled to arrive then, I definitely recommend that they wait until at least 37 weeks… they told me at my entry to the hospital that Addison had a 50% chance of going home on time and that was WITH medical intervention (steroid shots, etc). 50%. I bawled the whole way to the OR, but my water was broken and there was nothing to be done about it. As it was she went home on an apnea machine for 12 weeks because she failed the car seat test (failure to sustain acceptable O2 levels while in a car seat for 90 minutes).

    I too am curious why they would make you deliver so early – unless there is dire, dire need (not withstanding twins), no practice here will deliver a scheduled c-section before 39 weeks. Very interesting.

    Also, you probably don’t need as many newborn clothes as you think. Little man will grow like a weed! BUT – buy them anyway, they are too little and cute to ignore. ❤

    • Lindsay says:

      Addison was my first thought, Christine, when Donna mentioned delivering at 36 weeks. I remember you being so upset when she failed her car seat test. Although she is definitely a healthy little girl today, I know the situation was emotionally and physically draining. As any parent would, I’ll do what I have to do to make sure he arrives safely; however, as long as neither one of us are in danger, I will fight to keep him in the womb as long as possible. Thankfully, Dr. GL and I have a good rapport so I’m confident we can come to an agreement.

      • Christine says:

        I’m glad you have a great doc who you feel comfortable with! That’s the most important part of good prenatal care. The 3D pic of baby boy is just the best… awwwww. Just think, it won’t be long before you’re pinching those cheeks in person! Woohoo!!

  2. Yeah I would definitely ask why they’d want to delivery as early as 36 weeks, that seems a little early to me. But yay for passing the glucose test and YAY for that adorable picture of your handsome boy!

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