Week 26: Between a rock and a hard place

Last Tuesday I received a telephone call from the director of the learning center where we hope to enroll Wee One. I called her back Wednesday morning and left a voicemail. When I didn’t get a response by late Thursday afternoon, I followed-up with an e-mail. After all, we were heading into a holiday weekend.

Monday came and went without a return call.

I began to wonder, “At what point do I become one of ‘those moms’?”

The rational side of me decided to give her until Tuesday evening (exactly one week) to call back. And, guess what? She called last night around 8:30 p.m.

Hubby and I were walking around Lowe’s so I stepped outside to take the call.

Good news: Wee One has a spot!!

Bad news: We’re going to pay dearly for it.

The facility won’t officially open until Sept. 2; however, they’ve been enrolling for several months. As it was explained to me, half of the babies who were pre-registered won’t be born until after the facility opens. In order to keep a spot available, parents will be required to pay half of the tuition rate each week from the time the center opens (Sept. 2) until the baby is ready for full-time care.

In our case, assuming Wee One is born at the beginning of October, that would mean paying $95/week for three months.

Or we can decline the spot, maintain our place on the waiting list and hope there is a place for him come December.

When I hung up the phone I wanted to head back to Target and return the $13 worth of baby necessities I’d just purchased. Like it would somehow make me feel better.


I completely understand the policy. I don’t begrudge the decision makers in any way. It is what it is (I hate that saying, BTW). I also know there are parents out there that have been around this block more times than they can count.

But this is all new to me. To us.

And, quite frankly, it’s the first major decision we have to make as parents … for a child that is still flipping around in the womb.

My heart says, “Jump! Jump now!”

My brain (aka wallet) says, “Whoa, Nelly!”

Knowing how coveted infant spots are in day cares, I realize we need to suck it up and pay the money. At the same time, I’m having trouble jumping the “flushing money down the drain” hurdle.

Holy crap. It’s just beginning, isn’t it? Am I really cut out for this? Whew!


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