Week 23: Potpourri

Sorry for the lame title. I’ve been a public relations specialist for almost eight years (which basically means I write A LOT) and I still struggle with headlines. I make do at work, but when it comes to personal writing I’m all tapped out. 😛

But, anyway, we have two topics to cover today …

Baby Registry!

I didn’t step foot into a store to register for the stuff we’ll need for Wee One. For one, Randy has been so busy remodeling the house, taking care of the pool and working that there hasn’t been time for us to spend hours in a store with the magical registry gun. It wasn’t what I intended, but that’s what happened. Also, there are so.freaking.many registry guides on blogs, websites, etc. I knew having a basic outline would be a start, but the most difficult part would be deciding which brands and styles would work for us.

I think I did a really good job, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Until recently, neither of the registries (Target and Amazon) were public. After feeling relatively secure in what was listed on there – and sharing the links with two friends and a co-worker (for shower purposes) – I bit the bullet and allowed people to search for them.

Yeah, I definitely get the relatively irrational fear of being judged over my registries.

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my Target account, clicked on my registry and found 12 items had been purchased.


I scrolled down and realized someone (or more than one) purchased a shit ton of diapers and wipes.

Wait. Wait. Who the heck is this uber kind person(s)??

You know, because I’m super nosy and have zero patience.

But Target is forcing me to take a chill pill. Unlike Amazon, they don’t offer a “Thank You” list so I can’t see who has made purchases. Fail Target! Fail. 😛

If you’re reading, you lovely person, I’d like to give you a pre-shower, pre-thank you note THANK YOU!

C-Sections and Breastfeeding!

After my surgery last July, I started doing a lot of research on c-sections since I knew I’d eventually need one. As a plus size woman, I know my recovery will be a bit different and I wanted to read what others had experienced.

Along the way I stumbled upon a relatively new concept known as “gentle cesarean.” It’s so new that it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. 😉

The idea is to make the surgical delivery, an often sterile process, into more of a “birth.” It can consist of a variety of elements including lowering the curtain a bit to see your baby being born, not strapping your arms down, and immediately placing the baby on your chest following delivery.

Honestly, while many of the potential “gentle cesarean” avenues may appeal to any number of women, the one thing I’m very passionate about is being able to have skin-to-skin contact with Wee One right after he’s born.

Yes, right there on the operating room table.

While research shows a multitude of reasons for mother and baby to be skin-to-skin as much as possible, I’m more focused on the positive breastfeeding benefits. According to the International Breastfeeding Centre, “… babies who are kept skin to skin with the mother immediately after birth for at least an hour, are more likely to latch on without any help and they are more likely to latch on well …”

Additionally, while meaningful research hasn’t necessarily been conducted into the causes, breastfeeding rates in plus size women are lower than other demographics. As this article points out, one of the reasons could be the high rate of c-sections, a procedure shown to impact breastfeeding initiation rates, in plus size women.

Knowing my options are already limited as far as delivery is concerned, I’d like to explore ways to give Wee One and me the best shot at developing our breastfeeding skills.

At some point in the near future, I’m going to discuss options with Dr. GL. I’m well aware the hospital may have policies in place that prevent the immediate skin-to-skin contact. If it doesn’t, I’d like to gauge Dr. GL’s comfort and willingness to allow it.


Although this wasn’t on the list of things to cover, I got to snuggle my co-worker’s four-week-old son this morning. He’s SO adorable … and my clothes “smelled” like him for an hour or so after they left which was the best thing ever!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before (aka I’m too lazy to search the archives), but our department includes three women of child bearing years. Two have already given birth to baby BOYS this year (Jan. and May) and Wee One will make three in October. How crazy is that? Since we’re friends outside of work I know there are some play dates in our future. 😛

Over the last several months the three of us would swap all kinds of pregnancy stories (and gripes). One favorite was to laugh (and shudder) at those who would share their horrible, rotten labor and delivery stories. Why? Why are things like that what people tend to share first? Unless you are particularly adept at the “nod and smile,” some stories will really, really freak you out (especially first time moms).

However, as N shared her birth story with me today – one that was anything but picture perfect but ultimately resulted in the delivery of a healthy baby – all I could think was, “I’m so glad she’s sharing this with me.”

There were no theatrics or exaggerations, just a frank recap of her experience. She didn’t sugarcoat the pain she experienced when the nurses helped her uterus begin to contract. It was real and honest without being over-the-top. I appreciate that. 😉 It also served as a reminder of what is to come. Ha!


One thought on “Week 23: Potpourri

  1. Aw good things! I love hearing about the experiences of others. Even before I had my kids I wanted to know as much as they wanted to share, because it’s always different, but you’ll learn some helpful things. When people ask me about my experiences I always want to know how honest they want me to be, because I don’t want to scare anyone from having kids lol. As you said, the healthy baby was the goal and I got that!

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