Week 23: Diaper bags, oh diaper bags

With summer flying by (how is it the middle of June already?) and loved ones approaching me about baby showers, I knew it was time to put semi-finishing touches on our registries.

Just to have another set of eyes, I asked a mommy friend to look things over and make a list of suggestions or things I missed.

On the list … diaper bag.

I sheepishly told her I didn’t forget about it, but I just couldn’t decide what I wanted.

Please tell me other moms had this same problem!

Until last winter, I had been carrying the same Burberry purse (a gift) for almost eight years. Sure I tried others along the way, but none of them held a candle to my plaid carry all.

Perhaps I was unusually attached to it because it survived being stolen.

No kidding.

Some guy broke into my car several years ago and snagged it. I found it – minus my wallet and some contents – in the bushes along a trail by my house. Silly robber. Didn’t know what he was holding.

More than likely, I kept going back to it because I’m a creature of habit – especially if I find something that really suits my needs.

That’s why I’m really struggling to pick a diaper bag. It’s going to be something I use for a long time and I have strict criteria – plenty of pockets, sturdy, big enough to double as my purse, light colored interior, and stroller straps.

As strange as this may seem, especially because I don’t care about fashion at all, I also don’t want it to look like a diaper bag. I want it to be functional yet stylish.

I’ve scoured the internet and narrowed the contenders down to three:

The Grand Central by Skip Hop:

grand central(buy buy Baby)

Kate by timi & leslie

kate(timi & leslie)

Dawn by timi & leslie

dawn(timi & leslie)

Each has its perks, of course, but for some reason I’m really drawn to Kate and Dawn. Probably because they are the most expensive (Dawn is on sale right now … yay!). 😛

So here I am in a diaper bag dilemma! Mom friends/readers, care to provide links to your diaper bags?



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