Week 22: He’s awake!

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negative feelings the last few days. Pregnancy hormones for the most part, but some of the thoughts and feelings are valid.

As a way to bring myself back to center, I decided to focus on the new (even minute) developments in baby land.

1. Baby Boy has a movement schedule

Not really a schedule, of course, but there are definitely certain times of the day I can count on feeling him wiggle. The most prominent is right after I wake up in the morning. I typically get up before my alarm to use the bathroom and then crawl back into bed for a bit. During that quiet time, Baby Boy seems to wake up. Other times include early afternoon and mid-evening. He quiets down around 9 p.m. and I swear he knows it’s close to bedtime for me. 🙂

2. He has an extensive wardrobe already

My cousin’s first son was born in October so all of his baby clothes will be perfect for Baby Boy. She’s having a yard sale this weekend, but I was given first dibs on everything. I may have come home with two diaper boxes full of sleepers, gowns, outfits, onesies, bibs, hats, etc. In addition to what I’ve already purchased or had given to me, as well as whatever we receive at the showers, Baby Boy is clothed for the first two-three months of his life (hopefully). And this is my favorite outfit so far:


How cute is that?? 😀

3. August will be a whirlwind of showers

Well, with work events and college students getting ready to return to campus, August will be a whirlwind in general. But, I’m extremely fortunate to have three gatherings scheduled that month to celebrate Wee One’s impending arrival. My coworkers are planning a cake and ice cream social of sorts at the beginning of the month. Two wonderful friends are putting together a shower toward the end of the month, and my mom is arranging a family get together at the end. 🙂

4. I made strides when it comes to belly touching

A friend reached out and lightly rubbed my stomach yesterday afternoon and I didn’t freak out inside. Yay for progress!


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