Week 21: Ode to a Nursery

If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile, you likely know I initially planned on an elephant themed nursery.

I dreamed of a clean, modern space with white furniture, and a navy and mint color palette. Somewhere along the lines, though, my vision evolved. I still plan on including elephants here and there, but my ideas have turned toward a “travel” theme.

It all started with this print:

5809f57cbcb360c1d8e3c2c8223f792d(ElmStStudioPrints on Etsy)

And this picture:

5b5595b27f1ffca7377a445f32903213(Project Nursery)

Yes, that’s a pegboard! How cool!

From there, my brain started to go haywire. It wanted to have a red and aqua, hot air balloon-elephant theme. When I started putting all of the pieces together, it was sensory overload. I just couldn’t imagine walking into the room every day without shielding my eyes.

So I took a step back.

While it’s true Baby Boy will inhabit the space, the decor will reflect our style which is, for the most part, minimalist.

In my mind, I have now settled on grey walls and

This crib and dresser:

crib(Buy Buy Baby)


A grey chair similar to this:


Shelves like this:


These three additional prints:

print1(joannehawker on Etsy)



One of these lamps:

lamp(Land of Nod)


This elephant bank:


And a mobile similar to this:

mobile(dropsofcolorshop on Etsy)

BUT, I have a design dilemma. The previous owners of our house really loved the rustic cabin look. The baseboards, door trim and window trim are all a medium brown. The flooring in the nursery is similar to this: 604743009377lg

In a perfect world, I would replace all of the brown trim with white and put down a better quality floor.

Ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that.

Randy has generously offered to paint all of the trim white, but I’m concerned we don’t have time for that either. He has to finish painting the living room and hallway, finish the dry wall and paint in the chinchilla room, build three chinchilla cages, and clean up from construction before we can even think of the nursery.

begin minor freak out/

If my prediction of a 38-week delivery holds true, that puts us at a 17-week countdown. Seventeen weeks, people! I know it seems like a long time, but it’s really not. Ahhhhh!

/end minor freak out

My question is – Will the dark trim/baseboards draw focus away from everything else? Will my ideas and the existing room clash? I’ve never had a home to decorate before, so this is new to me.


5 thoughts on “Week 21: Ode to a Nursery

  1. Stacey Newcome says:

    how about a large white or grey rug center room? And I love white trim! It doesn’t take long to paint at all. I painted my entire house (old house) in a few evenings.

  2. Thank you for featuring my print in your list of prints Lindsay! It looks and sounds like you are going to have an incredible nursery! I’m very jealous of your flooring, I’d love to have a wooden floor but, like you I’d be stripping it down and painting it white. Well in my head I would but in reality I wouldn’t have time for that!

    Good luck with putting your nursery together and all the best to you and your little one! 🙂

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