Week 21: Just cruising along

Baby Boy and I had a mini check-up with Dr. GL today.

It wasn’t anything more than to hear his heart beat and check my blood pressure.

I’m happy to report the nurse only had to take my blood pressure once.


*happy dance*

Even though it was elevated, it still fell under the upper limit most clinics use as a guideline. It was also hot and humid as all get out in there, so that could have attributed to it.

I have to tell you, I learned recently that knowledge is power when it comes to my blood pressure.

I started taking it at home twice a day and all of the readings have been normal. Having those records and seeing the numbers on a daily basis helps reduce my anxiety when I go to the doctor. I know it’s fine under normal circumstances so I don’t think about it as much prior to an appointment.

This was the first appointment with Dr. GL since week 14.

As you may recall, circumstances required me to see one of the NP at the two following appointments – and I immediately felt comfortable with her.

The feeling must be mutual.

After saying hello this afternoon, Dr. GL said, “I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get to see you again.”

Apparently, the NP really likes me and actually asked if she could meet with me.


She’ll get her wish in two weeks when I return for a regular appointment and ultrasound since Dr. GL won’t be in the office. 😉

As for the rest of this appointment, all is well. Baby Boy’s heart rate was steady – and he was moving around. Dr. GL’s final words to me were, “You’re just cruising along.”

Yeah! Sounds good to me. 😀

One final note. There was a time where I questioned if keeping Dr. GL as my OB was the right decision. Not because of him (clearly I trust him) but because I didn’t explore other options. And I like options.

But now, having been to the high risk clinic many times, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be. Everyone is friendly, kind and supportive. Likewise, I’m fortunate to have not one but two medical professionals I’m comfortable seeing. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.


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