Week 19: And he moves

It happened Thursday evening at a gymnastics exhibition.

One minute I was watching the little girls and boys tumble, the next I was saying to my friend, “I think I just felt the baby move.”

It was the weirdest and best feeling ever.

Everyone describes quickening differently, but the most common words are “fluttering” and “gas bubbles.”

For me, however, I can only describe it as alien-like. It really feels like something is swimming in there. Which, I mean, he is. Swimming in amniotic fluid. Haha! Also, when I felt the initial movement, I half expected to look down at my stomach and see the skin moving like a worm.

I’m telling you, it was weird.

Since then I’ve been able to distinguish his movements from everything else. I’m actually surprised I picked up on it that quickly. I sure hope other “motherly” instincts come that easily. 😛 Yesterday, he was moving like crazy in the early afternoon. It’s almost as if he were saying, “Hey! I’m still here.” I also think he’d flipped around to where his feet were on my left side (as opposed to my right like on Tuesday) because I would feel these pangs every now and then. They would, of course, coincide with other movements I felt.

He’s been relatively quiet today, but I’ve also been taking it easy.

On another note, I learned this week that pregnant women can develop new allergies.

I suffer from severe seasonal, dust and dust mite allergies. When I found out I was pregnant – and thought I was going to be able to stop taking my medications cold turkey – I quit taking my daily Zyrtec. Even though I now know it’s safe, I actually haven’t missed it. My eyes aren’t itching and dry like usual, and I’m able to clear my stuffy nose with regular saline spray. Thank goodness!

I honestly think a lot of it has to do with our new house.

It’s well insulated and having a central HVAC system helps collect stray dust. Also, the house isn’t on a busy street like our other one. Yay!

But, good is often accompanied by bad (or at least annoying).

I’m suddenly slightly allergic to dairy.

Although I drink almond milk, I do love cheese. All kinds of cheese. And ice cream. Nom nom nom.

I’ve noticed that my throat gets really phlegmy after eating those things. It’s not serious and doesn’t last long, but it’s there. Hopefully it’ll go away after Baby Boy arrives. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Week 19: And he moves

  1. Christine says:

    YAY!!!! Feeling them move is amazing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wait until a few weeks from the end and they start flipping around and you CAN see body parts making your stomach stretch and wiggle. It’s bizarre and one of the coolest things you will ever see. So happy for you!!!

  2. YAY movement is so fun! It’s so awesome to really be able to feel them in there, and before anyone else can feel it, it’s like a little secret just you two share! 🙂

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