Week 17: Mother’s Day

Last year I was dreading Mother’s Day. But then hubby gave me a card that put things into perspective.

I cried when I opened it because he let each of our chinchillas nibble on the card to “sign” it.

I wrote then that even though I didn’t have a human child, I was still a mom. My children simply have fur.

Fast forward.

At almost 18 weeks pregnant, I have a fetus that I’m responsible for day in and day out. Sure my body is doing most of the work, but I still make conscious decisions every day in hopes of doing what’s best for him or her – now and after it’s born.

As family and friends gathered together to celebrate yesterday’s holiday, as well as the christening of my newest cousin, I realized how great it was to be surrounded by people who were thoughtful enough to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

From text messages to a picture frame to a cards, it was a nice way to kick off a new tradition for me.

But I kept thinking back to that nibbled on card from last year – a time when I wondered if I’d ever get to celebrate with my own child.

And it made me realize how few people think beyond the Mother’s Day Borders set so long ago.

What I mean by that is – So many believe you have to have a child in your arms to be a mother.

That’s just not the case.

As if my friend was reading my mind, I stumbled across an article she shared on Facebook. I’d like you to read it if you haven’t already:

To The Women Who Dread Mother’s Day

I’ll simply end the post with this: If you’re struggling to conceive, I know the article above likely isn’t comforting. I want nothing more than for each of you to find and share the joy I did in January. But, I also want to thank you. Sharing your journey in such a public way will help someone else if it hasn’t already. It will provide comfort and knowledge to those who need it. That’s just one way in which you’re making a difference. And, as the author says, you should be celebrated as well. So, even though I’m over a day late… Happy Mother’s Day!


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