Week 20: “Stop buying baby clothes”

I don’t get to go home for lunch now that I live further away from the office, so I’ve found myself blogging during my one hour of daily quiet time.

It’s when I’m not subjected to the mumblings and nonsense of my officemate, no one is asking me to write a news release, my husband isn’t yammering about pool chemicals or car parts, and my brain isn’t calculating every little thing I need to do.

In essence, it’s “me” time. And, as is so often the case, I find myself compelled to write.

Yesterday’s post was a bit heavy (there is an edit in red some of you may want to read), but today’s is much lighter!

It’s about growth spurts and baby clothes … Yay! 🙂

I’ve been starving these last few days. It seems like my stomach is growling every two hours – no matter what I eat. My shirts are getting snug. It’s time for new bras (again), and I’ve had to start sleeping in a sports bra for comfort. Yesterday I went to the bathroom six times during the work day, but I drank my usual amount of water.

I’m pretty sure my body and Baby Boy are both going through growth spurts this week. We have another ultrasound in three weeks and I’m already curious as to how much he’ll weigh and what his length will be.

Which, by the way, leads me to something else entirely.

Two co-workers have given birth to large baby boys this year. Both have husbands who were large and long when they were born.

I already knew Randy was 22 inches long (24 inches if you ask his mother) at birth, but I wasn’t sure about his weight. Out of curiosity, I asked him last night.

Yeah … 8 pounds, 14 ounces.

Suddenly I’ve never been so happy to know I’m having a C-Section. 😛 (kidding)

I didn’t plan on buying a lot of newborn clothes, but I now think I may just skip them completely. We’ll see.

I have, however, been buying random items for next spring/summer as things go on sale. Wanna see some of them?

crab frontcrab back(Crab Snap-Up Creeper, Carter’s)

monkey frontmonkey back(Monkey Snap-Up Creeper, Carter’s)

monster frontmonster back(Monster Snap-Cup Creepers, Carter’s)

ships(Ships Snap-Up Creeper, Carter’s)

You can’t go wrong with an entire outfit for $5. I ordered two in 9 mos and two in 12 mos. They’ll be perfect for lazy days around the house or adventures outside when it’s hot.

I also may be in.freaking.love with this sock monkey outfit, but I haven’t taken the plunge to buy it.

sock monkey

(Buy Buy Baby)

The big splurge was Randy’s Father’s Day gift. It’s a onesie. A onesie Baby Boy will only wear a few times. But, it’s perfect!

long_sleeve_infant_bodysuit(Cafe Press)

Next weekend, I’ll be traveling back to my hometown to look through clothes my cousin and his wife have. Their first boy was born in October and I can’t wait to see what adorableness awaits!

Of course, all of this has prompted Randy to say, “Stop buying baby clothes!”

I’m going to confess something that I’m sure most women have thought while pregnant with their first child …

My husband doesn’t have a clue what is about to happen.

Truth be told, I don’t either; however, I think a lot of women just have these natural motherly instincts. Also, we’re the ones who research best ways to conceive, research signs of pregnancy, research how our bodies change during those 40 weeks, research what to expect from labor and delivery …

You catch my drift?

We’ve read and talked about SO MUCH by the time our little ones arrive. We will absolutely flounder our way through those first few days, weeks, months (hell, the rest of the child’s life), but we’ve done enough research to give us some confidence (and scare us shitless).

Buying clothes for our soon-to-be born is one of those things we can do.

Even though I’ve explained to Randy my plans, I truly think he believes I’m out there buying nothing but newborn onesies. He’s also asked why I don’t just register for items for all seasons in all sizes. As a man who wears t-shirts and jeans every day, he doesn’t understand that fall and winter clothes aren’t on the market yet.

I can’t register for something that isn’t available.

He’s also mentioned several times, “How much clothing are you going to get at your showers?”

I know. But they won’t completely clothe the child. Come on now.

So, honey, leave me alone. Let me ooh and ahh over – and purchase – the adorable clothes. It’ll probably be the last time I feel remotely secure in anything baby or parent related. 😛