Week 12: Every heart beat belongs to you

I have no idea how I came up with that title. But now I have this overwhelming desire to pull out an Amy Grant cassette tape. πŸ˜›

I totally just gave away my age, huh? LOL!

Anywho. As I wrote yesterday, I had my first official OB appointment today. Since it was with Dr. GL it was no big deal. He gave me the required spiel, did a regular gynecological exam, and then sent me away with two goodies …

He wants me to wean off my anxiety medication. I’m sure my face went as white as a ghost when he said that. But I was honest and told him I could likely manage just fine during pregnancy, but my biggest concern was afterward.

The baby blues are the real deal. And so is postpartum depression. With being a first-time mom and being on my own during the night (hubby works midnight shifts), I do worry about my anxiety after giving birth.

We didn’t really talk about it in length, but he did say I could start taking it again around Week 36.

So, I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll take half the normal dose for the next two weeks and then I’ll see Dr. GL again just to check in.

Annnnnd … Guess who gets to collect a day’s worth of urine? This girl.

Apparently it’s standard procedure for patients with high blood pressure.

The funniest part is that the specimen has to remain cold. Dr. GL was trying to have a serious discussion and all I could picture was my pee sitting in the fridge next to the milk.

It still makes me laugh typing the words. LOL!

Now for the good stuff … the ultrasound!

That was the most amazing experience ever.

This thing inside me is only the size of a plum, but it looks like a tiny human. Well, I mean, I know it IS a human, but I just can’t believe how non-alien-like it looks.

It’s heart was moving at a swift 165 BPM. So many people think it’s a girl based on that. I’m still guessing a boy, but we’ll be happy either way.

The Wee One is already super stubborn. The tech kept “punching” my stomach with the wand trying to get it to move, but the baby refused.

Seriously. It apparently likes to chill just below my belly button.

We did get to see it move its legs and arm. I almost came off the table when I saw it on the monitor.



I still can’t believe a baby is in there. It’s crazy.

Here’s a perfect picture. My favorite part is it’s little nose. I can’t stop looking at it. πŸ˜€



3 thoughts on “Week 12: Every heart beat belongs to you

  1. awwww yay for the cutest ultrasound pic! and sad, but i totally got the amy grant reference and its now playing in my head. also, what is this collecting pee in the fridge thing, ew! but being in the high bp boat, i guess that is something i will have to look forward to?

    • Lindsay says:

      Hey S! πŸ™‚ The urine test is to see if any damage has been done to the kidneys of someone with HPB. My doctor said he doesn’t anticipate a problem, but it’s a standard procedure. As for keeping the pee in the fridge, that’s just where my warped mind went. Dr. GL actually suggested putting it on ice in a cooler. Haha!

  2. Christine says:

    I love the ultrasound pic!!! And that heartbeat thing is just an old wives tale – both of my kids were in the 160s-170s at every appointment in the beginning and I’ve got one of each flavor. It’s still fun to guess though! πŸ™‚ Keep posting pictures and blogging about every detail – I love reading it!!! ❀

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