Week 9: Post #2.125

Just a teeny tiny update.

First, I finally got an appointment in the High Risk Clinic … on April Fool’s Day. Haha! But, yay, for getting one!

Second, I finally have another sign (other than being dog-tired) of being pregnant … my gums started bleeding when I brush or floss. Also, I’m damn proud of myself. I haven’t gained a single pound over the last month. I was really, really worried about that. So I’m patting myself on the back!

Third, I apparently haven’t mastered the art of reading an ultrasound picture yet. Hubby and I were talking about how much the baby had grown last night and he said, “It tripled in size. It’s what, 2.85cm now?”

Nuh-uh! My picture says 11.3cm.

He kindly told me I have to look at what’s being measured in the picture. He looked at the one I was holding and said, “It’s not measuring anything. The 11.3cm is probably the total size.” Meaning, of course, baby, fluid, etc.

Guess that’s what I get for making fun of him about not reading the baby books. 😛


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