Week 9: Holy major life events (Part 2)

So, here we are.

Home owners.


Stressed out.


Oh wait. Those last two are all me. 😛

We had a final walk-through before closing yesterday evening and I was completely underwhelmed by the house. The previous owners clearly don’t have the same standards as we do. They barely cleaned when they moved out. I’m talking toothbrush splatter on the master bathroom mirrors. What’s up with that?

Reminds me of what my parents encountered when they relocated several years ago. They cleaned every square inch of the house they sold. My mom even left toilet paper and hand soap for the new owners. The latter was a polite gesture, not something to necessarily be expected. Their new house wasn’t as welcoming in the upkeep and cleanliness department.

Being completely empty, I noticed ALL kinds of quirks this time. Some we can fix easily. Some we’ll just have to deal with until we decide to remodel.

I know I’ll feel differently once we finally get settled, but right now everything is overwhelming. Combine it with pregnancy hormones and it’s a breakdown waiting to happen. LOL! I’m fortunate to have a husband who is taking everything in stride. As I write this he’s likely changing door locks and washing walls. He is the yin to my yang. 🙂

But anyway.

I had my last appointment with Dr. GL’s office this morning.

Lots of good things happened in the brief visit!

Wee One is doing very well and has grown so much in the last two weeks.

The baby is currently 11.3 cm and, as you can see below, has a clearly defined head (right) and forming umbilical cord (low left).

2014-03-12 12.29.11

Hubby was joking about how big the baby’s head is and I had to assure him it’s completely normal at this stage. If he’d read a baby book like I asked, he’d know these things. 😛

We also have this long-standing joke about having a child with a huge head. Why? Well, because Hubby had one and was almost 24 inches long at birth.

That’s a toddler, y’all!

I just shake my head and be thankful I won’t be pushing it through the birth canal.

But I digress.

I am officially 9w1d, but the baby measured 9w5d. If you remember, it measured 7w1d at my last ultrasound – only one day ahead. So it definitely had a growth spurt. Dr. GL said as long as it’s within a few days there isn’t anything to be concerned about. My official due date is Oct. 14 (hey, hey! Who calculated correctly? :-P); however, the c-section will likely be scheduled for end of September.

Mid-way through the ultrasound he said, “We’re going to follow you in high risk, right?”

Yeah, about that…

I told him about last week’s fiasco and how no one would return my calls. He and the staff were genuinely perplexed as to how my appointment got scheduled in the general OB clinic to begin with. He also said I’m not the first person to mention having trouble getting return calls from the clinic and he would investigate.

Apparently, he also sees high risk patients on Tuesday afternoons. A fact that slipped my mind. So I’ll actually get to continue seeing him as my primary OB. With as much upheaval right now, I’m glad I won’t have to develop a rapport with a new doctor.

Oh, and how’s this for a comedy of errors?

Dr. GL asked the administrative assistant to schedule my appointment for Tues., April 1. She called the High Risk Clinic and got the voicemail. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Week 9: Holy major life events (Part 2)

  1. Ugh, homeownership is interesting to say the least, We got ours super cheap because it was a foreclosure (read:disgusting mess) we spent 2 weeks cleaning and painting before even attempting to move in. And trust me, it becomes a never ending upgrade/remodeling project if you are anything like me.

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