Week 8: Emotions, a super sniffer and a mishap

We’re taking a detour around here into Pregnancy Land. After receiving several requests to keep blogging – and my love of journaling thoughts and feelings – I decided to just do it. Here are my initial thoughts: Hubby and I are (finally) getting ready to move into our new house, so a lot of my attention will be directed there. Also, spring is extremely busy for my full-time (public relations) and part-time (photography) jobs. My plan is to have one weekly pregnancy post and infertility posts sprinkled throughout as topics strike me. Deal? Deal.

Just FYI: This is going to be the mother of all posts. LOL!


It’s difficult for me to believe it’s been an entire month since that first positive pregnancy test. Will the entire pregnancy go by this quickly?

I’ve also been thinking about how every pregnancy is different. Some women are overly emotional. Some women have the worst morning sickness. Some women have no symptoms at all.

As I mentioned before, I just happen to be in the latter category. Sure, I could nap at any point during the day. I also have a super sniffer. But, as someone who is a sensitive, emotional and serious creature, I’m surprised how unemotional the pregnancy hormones have made me.

For example, I’m normally a crier. I cry when I’m frustrated, when I’m sad, and when I’m happy. Now, though, not so much. I didn’t cry at all during the first ultrasound – not even when Dr. GL showed us the baby’s heart beating. I anticipated crying over every single mother/child moment I encountered on TV. Nope. Not so much.

On the flip side, though, I’ve become extremely sensitive when it comes to things people believe I should or shouldn’t be doing, or what I once perceived as “normal” pregnancy talk (“Are you sure there aren’t twins in there?”).

This is my first pregnancy. I’m asking my doctors every question I can think of. I’m also using Dr. Google. I’m reading books. I’ve subscribed to pregnancy and parenting e-newsletters. I’m constantly researching, researching, researching about what’s safe.

I’m not simply wandering around in a pregnancy-induced haze. I promise!

But anywho. Onto other things …

I’m in the midst of researching different pregnancy books for in hopes of buying one for Hubby.

Even though he would do anything for me (including going to WalMart at 10 p.m. to get a heating pad), I realized he has no clue what’s happening.

Take, for example, these three conversations:

Me: I have my first OB appointment next week. Do you want to come?

Him: OB? What’s that?

Me: Obstetrics or obstetrician … doctors who give prenatal care, deliver babies, etc.

Him: Oh. I guess I’ll come.

Me: Well, since this is the first appointment with the doctor, I think it’s important.

Him: Okay.


Me: I’m tired. *yawn*

Him: You’re always tired.

Me: Umm … that’s because I’m growing a human.


Me (using packing tape on a box): Ohmygod. This tape stinks!! Does it always smell like this? So gross! Don’t you think it stinks?

Him (taking the tape and sniffing it): Well, yeah. But it doesn’t warrant the reaction you’re having.

Me (death stare): Honey. We’ve talked about this before. My sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy. I’m buying you a man’s guide to pregnancy book – and you will read it.

An hour later I was holding my nose as we walked around Petco because the odor of dirty, wet animal bedding was overwhelming. At one point he looked at me and said, “Are you going to survive?”

No. No, I’m not. I’ll be outside.

I know some of that is just him being silly and/or difficult, but I really want him to be a part of all this. I want him to feel included. I’d like for him to ask questions, but that may be pushing it. 😛 So I’m going to do my best to make that happen.

I’m really considering The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion. Hubby isn’t a reader, so I don’t want it to be too technical. I’d rather it be entertaining while still providing solid information.

As for that OB appointment we talked about?

It’s the appointment that never was.

When I saw Dr. GL last week he asked if I’d given any thought as to where I wanted to deliver. I (half) jokingly asked if I could just keep him. It takes me awhile to trust doctors, so it speaks volumes that I would even ask that question out loud. He hesitated and then finally said, “Well, I don’t do a lot of general OB anymore.”


But then we started discussing my blood pressure, the surgery, the need for a C-section, and other factors (my weight, I’m sure, even though he didn’t say it) that put me in a moderately high risk category.

We agreed that it would be in my best interest as well as the baby’s to be seen by a high risk doctor.

He didn’t mention that he would be scheduling an intake appointment with the High Risk Clinic, but shortly after leaving his office I received a message stating I had an appointment on March 5.

Now, when I saw the message my gut told me something wasn’t right. The address listed didn’t match that of the clinic. But, as I am prone to do, I ignored my gut. Silly woman!

Hubby and I arrived today; I peed in a cup; I stepped on the scale and had my temperature taken. Then things went haywire.

The nurse asked if I already had a doctor in this office. When I replied yes, a primary care physician, she asked if I wanted him to do my prenatal care.

I gave her a funny look and relayed the story about needing to be in the high risk clinic.

“Well, that’s not us,” she said.

Ugh! Listen to your gut, Lindsay! *faceplam*

After reading the notes from Dr. GL, she stepped out of the room to page the attending physician. She returned shortly thereafter and said I had two choices. I could stay with the office for my primary prenatal care AND see the specialist (essentially having double appointments). Or, I could move to high risk completely.

Ummm. Double appointments? No, thank you. I’ll just head on over to high risk.

All of us were perplexed as to how I ended up in this office to begin with. I can only guess that it was a wrong mouse click when the request was submitted. No biggie. Everyone was really nice and accommodating, so I can’t complain.

As of this afternoon, the clinic had reviewed my charts and determined which doctor would be the best fit for me. Oooh, fancy. Haha! I’m still waiting to hear from the scheduler about an appointment.

No matter what, I still have my final appointment with Dr. GL next week. So it’s not like it’ll be weeks before I get to see/hear the baby again. 🙂

Until then …


8 thoughts on “Week 8: Emotions, a super sniffer and a mishap

  1. Brenda Nichols says:

    And this is just the beginning for your hubby! Does he really have no clue or is he just playing dumb? Sometimes it is better to just play dumb and then nothing is expected of you. He will learn quickly. When Jacy told me you were pregnant, I said, “I thought so.” Some of the posts(not the Pinterest ones either) that you posted, made me think this. The smell and the sensitivity to things that you usually do not comment about. It was also the tone of your writing. Yep, Selah and I both knew Jacy was pregnant with Naomi. I am so excited to follow you during this chapter of your life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lindsay says:

      Oh, he’s definitely not pretending. He genuinely has no clue what’s going on inside. Except, of course, his swimmers and my egg actually did what they were supposed to. Ha!

  2. Tania says:

    It took me three pregnancies to get Ellis involved! he never went with Nikki or Thalia to any of my appointments, but he went to all with Alyssa! I had to threaten to name Thalia Shaniqua Jemima before he showed any real interest in helping me choose a name, yet with Alyssa he was all over it! Good luck. Men will be men.

    • Lindsay says:

      HAHAHA! I remember the name debacle with Thalia. I fully expect us to experience something similar. LOL! I think once we find out the sex it’ll become “real” for Randy. Until that point, I don’t know that I’ll get much out of him.

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