Weeks 11.93 – Oh the tears

Please accept my apologies for neglecting the blog last week.

Things were … crazy.

We officially moved to our new home on Saturday and I’m exhausted – emotionally and physically.

With being pregnant and all, I didn’t actually move our things; however, I did do a lot of cleaning at our former house. Baseboards, windows and ledges, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer, bathroom, etc. Let me tell you, I’m feeling it today in my hips and lower back. I tried to take breaks as often as I could, but I felt so guilty because Hubby has worked REALLY hard these last two weeks and I know he has to be tired and in more pain than me.

It was also more difficult than I thought it would be to leave our small and very old rental house. For years I loathed it. Structurally and cosmetically, the place is a hot mess. It’s also horribly inefficient where heating and cooling is concerned. But, you know what?

We called it home for almost 12 years and …

• Celebrated our first Christmas together
• Welcomed four chinchillas into our family
• Got engaged in the living room
• Made, wrapped and bagged 150 sugar cookies for wedding favors in the kitchen
• Most importantly, created Wee One in the bedroom (hee!)

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Saturday evening those emotions hit me all at once.

I sat in the middle of our empty living room floor and bawled my eyes out. The tears just wouldn’t stop falling. Hubby tried to be rational by saying, “Would you rather raise a child here or in a bigger house with a huge yard?” But, as anyone with raging hormones knows, rational just doesn’t work. I finally had to say, “Please. Just let me have my moment and then I’ll be fine.”

While it’s still a bit overwhelming (I use that word a lot these days), I’m feeling better. I survived my first 30-minute commute to work and it wasn’t bad at all. The new house looks like a tornado hit it, but we’re not going anywhere. We can take our time finding a place for everything.

With all of the trips between houses this weekend, I realized I need to (seriously) start watching where I spend money. My two-mile round trip commute turned into 33 miles overnight. In one week I’m going to spend more money at the gas station than I did last month. Eek! Something will have to give.

Shhh … Don’t tell Hubby I’m admitting all of this to you. He’s been trying to get me to develop a budget for years, but I resisted. While he’ll be happy with this, I’ll get the dreaded “I told you so.” 😛


On the baby front, tomorrow we have our first appointment in the High Risk Clinic and for a “regular” ultrasound. That means goop on the belly and hearing the heartbeat. Yay! I’m so very, very excited. 🙂