(in)Fertility Dictionary

After my last post, I had several people ask what certain abbreviations meant.

As a professional who makes a living writing for public consumption, I always spell things out on first reference and use abbreviations on references after that.

But, I’m a lazy blogger. I’m often writing from the heart or off-the-cuff and tend to ignore years of training. And that’s a disservice to you, dear readers, especially since using these terms is part of my every day routine and not yours.

To help all of us, I created an (in)Fertility Dictionary which you can find here.

During the course of treatments, I’ll do my best to type out and explain new terms as I’m writing (and add them to the dictionary); however, anything currently listed will be written as abbreviations in future posts.

P.S. I started researching “timed intercourse” in preparation for next week. Yeah. I’m anal that way. Anyway, I’m exhausted just reading posts from women who used Clomid, the HCG trigger and BDed every day for five days prior to the shot, on this day, that day twice and then again on another day.


It’s no wonder women (and men) with fertility issues struggle to reclaim intimacy after all is said an done.

But, I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


One thought on “(in)Fertility Dictionary

  1. Timed intercourse is definitely exhausting, that’s for sure. I did it for more than a year and half. It was a lot of sex, especially when my cycles were irregular!

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