Clomid: Round 2

I made an appearance at the RE’s office this afternoon for my pre-Clomid ovary check.

Prior to the ultrasound, my doctor said, “So, no luck, huh?”

I was up front with him:

“There is no way I ovulated on Cycle Day 10 like the LH test suggested. No way. That would have given me a 20-day luteal phase. Is that normal?”

He seemed to contemplate the question, but he didn’t have an answer readily available.

Dim the lights. Cue up the ultrasound machine. Time to see what the Lone Ranger looks like.

Again, my ovary looks good.

Afterward in the consultation room, my doctor noted three things.

First, ovulating on CD 10 was extremely early.

When he said that I really wanted to laugh and ask if he remembered our e-mail conversation about this very thing last week. I thought better of it though since it was likely a nurse responding.

I was also hoping he’d acknowledge the possibility of a false positive, but he didn’t.

Second, I produced good eggs.

Yay! That’s always a great thing. If I were witty, I’d be able to come up with an Eggland’s Best joke. 😉

Third, with the exception of motility being a little low, Randy’s swimmers are champs.

With that said, he suggested a new plan of attack:

50 mg Clomid CD 4-8

Follicle check Monday (CD 11)

HCG Trigger (forcing ovulation 36 hours after)

Progesterone during the Luteal Phase

He also threw out the possibility of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). I told him I’m open to the possibility – and I am – but not this cycle, especially since he didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary (“I could go either way”).

Here’s the deal: I’m not ready to move beyond combining the medication with old fashioned sex. I’m just not.

There is NOTHING wrong with IUI, but guys I produced two good quality eggs last cycle that were fighting to be the leader.

I firmly believe the issue was timing. And that’s on us and our crazy schedules. After the sexcapades of CD 10 and 11, we pretty much ignored each other.

I’m joking, of course, but Baby Makin’ wasn’t exactly on our priority list since we figured the opportunity had passed.

So I’m saying “Not yet” to IUI.

I’m kind of excited (it’s an infertile thing) about the HCG trigger, though. Go ahead. Make me ovulate on a deadline. I welcome the challenge. 😛


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