3.75 days down …

I’ve done this Two Week Wait so many times over the last year.

Each one sucks – especially when you’re greeted month after month with the familiar signs of PMS that you desperately hope are really signs of pregnancy.

I’m doing my best, however, to make this wait different. To fill it with positive thoughts instead of fears and what if scenarios.

One of my positivity champions, Heather, recommended I read the book Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Meant to Have. It was fascinating journey into the world of chakras, meditation and spirituality.

With our struggles to conceive, I often wondered, “What if we’re not meant to have a child?”

It’s a scary thought when you can’t imagine your life without one.

After working with Heather, reading the book and doing some much needed soul searching, I no longer wonder. We do indeed have a spirit baby who will join us when he’s ready. I’ve communicated with him; I’ve seen him and rocked with him in my mind. It was actually a very moving and enlightening experience.

If this isn’t something you’ve considered or are open to, I probably sound like a fruit loop. And that’s okay! This isn’t for everyone; although, I believe we’d be much happier humans if we took the time to find our spiritual selves.

Encouraged to spend time communicating with our baby and describe to him what his room will look like in our new home, I wanted to share some items from my super-secret “Nursery Ideas” Pinterest Board. I decided long ago on an elephant theme with a navy and mint color palette:

Main artwork from DallowayPlaceKids:


This DIY lamp from Project Nursery:


 A navy accent wall:

navy wall

White furniture (Buy Buy Baby):


 A setup similar to this, but much cheaper (Pottery Barn Kids):


(I envision this being opposite the navy wall and the elephant photos hanging above the dresser) 

So, now you have the inside scoop on Wee One’s future nursery. 😉


6 thoughts on “3.75 days down …

  1. your nursery ideas are lovely and I really like your attitude. I’m not very spiritual but I’m ready to try anything to make waiting easier. It seems like you have a ton of experience with the waiting, any other tips?

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi Emz! Welcome and I’m so glad you’re here! First, let me say I don’t have NEAR the experience waiting as some others. However, there are days where it feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime. If I can offer any advice, it would be to keep busy. Take up exercising if you can and don’t already. Also, even though I find this to be the most difficult and don’t always succeed, don’t overanalyze and Google any symptoms you may have. 😉 Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust! I’m going to check out and follow your blog!

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