Holy hot flashes, Batman!

I’m just going to put this out there …

Dear Egg and Sperm: Please meet, fall in love  and happily start creating a life together sooner rather than later. Because, see, Clomid and I are about to duke it out.

My face is on fire. 

I’m sleeping with the ceiling fan on high and no covers.

My head aches.

And as much as this will be worth it in the end, winter is just around the corner and I’m worried I’ll get the urge to throw myself in the snow naked. Trust me. No one wants to see that.

So, let’s do this. ‘Kay? ‘Kay.




5 thoughts on “Holy hot flashes, Batman!

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks! And, you know what, we probably could melt ice cubes but it wouldn’t do a darn bit of good to relieve the hot flashes. It would just create a watery mess. Hahaha!

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