Just keep swimming!

Welcome to the weekend! My brain and body say, “Thank-freaking-goodness!”

This has certainly been a week to remember! I’m finishing things up for Alicia’s baby shower on Sunday; I had my pre-op appointments on Tuesday; our landlord officially put our house up for sale; we found out an FHA loan is likely NOT going to be in our best interest, despite what we thought; we crossed off a bunch of potential houses just by riding around in the car.

I’ll be honest – and you already know this from my Facebook posts – but there have been times when I’ve felt like I was drowning. Everything happened so quickly and I wasn’t prepared. You know what, though? It is what it is. I’m going to make the most of it. 🙂 I even asked our mail clerk to save boxes for me; I’m determined to sort, trash, giveaway and pack bits at a time.

My pre-op appointments on Tuesday were fairly routine (with one exception).

The RE did a repeat ultrasound to see if anything had changed since I was last in his office, but they hadn’t. However, he did obtain a copy of the report from my previous surgery and seemed more willing to say the fluid he’s seeing could be a large cyst. Neither one of us is putting much stock in that though.

We discussed the plan of action for surgery and I’m comfortable with it. If the tube is fine, he’ll leave it alone. If it’s damaged but can be repaired, he’ll repair it. If it’s beyond repair, he’ll remove it. Pretty standard.

I did have a moment of comfort during the visit – feelings I didn’t have when I first met him. As I was assuring him (myself, really) that I was okay if the tube needed removed, he said, “But if it doesn’t need removed I won’t take it.”

I didn’t realize it until it happened, but I needed to hear him say those words. I obviously didn’t trust him initially – despite what I told everyone – and deep down I wondered if he was cutting into me just for the heck of it. Isn’t that sad? I’m much more confident now.

I do regret not asking more questions at the initial visit. If I had, I wouldn’t have scheduled this surgery for one of my busiest times of the year. I had NO IDEA recovery time would be so long. I laughed when he asked if I could take two weeks off work. We (kind of) compromised on 11 days, but I’ll only have to take sick leave for seven because of the weekends.

Side notes:

  • Everyone I encountered at the doctor’s office and hospital was AMAZING! Friendly, happy, supportive, knowledgeable. It was quite refreshing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I feel the same the day of surgery.
  • Every hospital is different when it comes to surgical procedures. The pre-op for my 2009 surgery was nothing compared to what I experienced Tuesday – vitals taken multiple times, blood work, EKG and LOTS of questions.
  • I may have to stay overnight. It will all depend on how much work the surgeon has to do internally. I’m determined to make this a same-day procedure!
  • I totally have White Coat Syndrome. My blood pressure was through the roof. My pulse was racing. Because they are required to do re-checks, they literally took my blood pressure six times in the span of two hours. I need to find a way to reduce my anxiety before my surgery – or they could cancel the procedure. No pressure, right? Haha!

I’m going to leave you with a link to a blog I’ve been following. Risa, owner of Who Shot Down My Stork?, has a writing style I really enjoy. Kind of reminds me of my own (only A LOT funnier). For example:

“My little corner of the blogosphere where I vent, swear, and pour out more raw emotions than a 16 year old’s diary.  Where you get more TMI stories than a men’s locker room.  More sex stories than a frat house.”

Good stuff, huh? Surf on over there if you’re interested. She shares a lot of great information as well!


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