Recovery Road

Friday was all about numbers.

Fifteen hours in the hospital. Four and a half hours in surgery. Three fibroids and one VERY large ovarian cyst were removed. And one little (and hopefully functioning) fallopian tube remains inside my body.

The outcome was much better than any of us (including my doctor) were expecting. I saw more personality and smiles from my doctor after surgery than any other time. It was actually quite nice. 🙂

I only remember bits and pieces from the day, but there are pictures to help paint a picture for me.

Have you ever seen pictures of your insides? It’s equal parts fascinating and disgusting. I’ll tell you though, it was no surprise the doctor thought my fallopian tube was fluid filled and shot because the cyst near it was enormous. From what I understand, the doctor couldn’t believe neither it nor the fibroid were causing me pain. I’d apparently been living with them for quite awhile.

My only response to that is, it’s probably an instance of any pain being “normal” for me. I’d just learned to live with it. I’m really interested in seeing what feels different in a few months.

As far as fertility is concerned, we’re in a holding pattern. The doctor did tell Randy we should have a good chance to conceive on our own, but we do have some more tests in our future. Apparently the doctor couldn’t get fluid to go through my tube during surgery, but he said that could have been because of the work he’d done around it. Once I’ve healed, he wants to do an HSG test to make sure the tube is open.

To that I say, Randy will be tested first. I’m not saying I won’t have the uncomfortable test performed, but I think it’s only fair we know Randy’s status as well. Let’s take the most minimally invasive route now.

I know it may seem strange that he hasn’t enjoyed his moment in the spotlight, but the truth is I needed to have surgery anyway. The fibroids and cyst needed to come out for me to have the best possible chance at conceiving and actually having a baby.

So that’s where we are! The journey is far from over, but we now have a few more pieces of the path in front of us.