You’re not alone

It’s amazing what happens when you, as my favorite singer would say, “use your voice.”

Prior to writing my first post and sharing it to my Facebook page, do you know how many couples I knew that struggled (or were struggling) with infertility?

Two … including us.

Within minutes of tattling on my infertility, I had two private messages from friends explaining that they were also have trouble conceiving.

On May 7, five days after our appointment, I received my weekly e-newsletter from Zach and Jody Gray, wedding photographers out of Nashville. As it turns out, they struggled for years to have a baby, but Jody is pregnant and they’ve created a blog to chronicle the pregnancy journey (check it out!).

I then found out a friend and spouse would be trying IVF for the first time in the coming months.

With each post, more and more friends have spoken up via PM, comment or e-mail about the difficulties they faced on their paths to becoming parents.

Perhaps most inspiring was the story of a friend who donated her eggs to couples in need. While she did receive monetary compensation, it was not her driving force. She saw it as a way to give back, give hope and potentially help fulfill a dream.

How awesome is that?

So, my friends, because I know you’re reading, I applaud your strength and courage. Much love to all of you!


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