Infertility humor

Things have been kind of heavy around here and I don’t want you all to think whining and complaining are the only things I do well. 😉

So I’m lightening the mood with some funnies I found at 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility.


This makes me laugh for several reasons. First, there is nothing fun about peeing on a stick (POAS), scheduling sex, taking your basal body temperature (BBT), or obsessing over what Cycle Day you’re on. And the fact that all of those things were my routine for months makes me laugh. Second, after bawling my eyes out after finding out we’d soon become best buds with IVF, my first thought was, “YES!! I can have a normal sex life again!” I mean, seriously, I heard angels singing Hallelujah right then and there. 😉

Speaking of IVF …




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