Change is good

Howdy, people! Sorry things have been quiet around here, but summer is one of the busiest times for me and I also haven’t had much to write about. I’m just under one month away from my laparoscopy, but I go for my pre-operative tests on July 9. Fun times! Other than that, it’s been quiet on the infertility front.

Two things happened this week that aren’t directly related to pregnancy/IVF/infertility; however, they do affect some aspects of where and how our future child is raised.

  1. We submitted an application and paperwork for a home loan.

We’ve waited so long, but now that the time has finally come I don’t know how to act. It seems like we went from zero to 60 in no time! Just last week we were still in the “dreaming” phase. This week, Randy gathered all of our paperwork and submitted an application. He’s even taken it upon himself to start cleaning things (*ahem* the inside of the oven) that haven’t been done in years.

Part of me is jumping up and down. The other part is screaming, “Whoa, Nelly!!”

Stay tuned for more information!

  1. So, this article happened.

I can’t tell you how much I applaud the author. Recently I overheard a young girl saying she needed to exercise as much as her mom so she didn’t get fat. My heart ached for her. She was WAY too young to be worrying about getting “fat.” How about we just try to develop healthy eating and exercise habits?

As I read the article linked above, I couldn’t help but think about how I want to do better for myself and our future kids. I want them to grow up loving their bodies. I don’t want to pass along MY body issues to them. That’s a burden they shouldn’t have. I want them to eat healthy and nourish their bodies with good food – and enjoy treats in moderation. I want to instill in them the “eat to live” philosophy. I want them to play outside and enjoy being active.

As I was making a mental checklist of the things I want for these kids who are currently just a dream, I realized I have to start with myself first. While I will NEVER been some skinny thing, if I start changing my lifestyle now it’ll be that much easier to pass it along to kids.

We spent the two years prior to our wedding concentrating on diet and exercise. And guess what? We felt great! But neither one of us were doing it for the right reasons. We were doing it “for the wedding.” What happened after the wedding? We reverted to our old habits.

But doing it for a healthier YOU, a healthier pregnancy, and a healthier life with your children is different. There isn’t a fixed finish line – and that’s important.

So I made the decision that I’ll be joining my insurance company’s Weight Management Program. If you’re serious about a lifestyle change it’s actually a really great program. Participants get access to a health coach via telephone, baseline fitness assessment, fitness coaching and a gym membership for $20/month (up to two years if you show progress).

Since the program only requires attending the gym two days per week (three is preferred), I figure I can get AT LEAST four solid days of exercise between it and Zumba. Woohoo!

If I’m lucky, Randy might even join me. 😉